Dragonflies of Northern Door County

by Paul Burton

A 100 page, full-color book all about the

common dragonflies of Door County, with

emphasis on the rare Hine’s Emerald Dragonfly.

Includes a lengthy introduction to the amazing

world of dragonflies, living fossils that have

remained unchanged for over 300 million years.

Useful in the field and on the coffee table.

New in 2010 Price: $17.95


Door County’s Islands

by Paul and Frances Burton

A 225 page book that includes most everything

you need to know about the history of Door

County’s 27 islands, going back to the days of

Indian and birch bark canoes. Over 100

historic photos help tell the story of Adventure,

Cana, Washington, Detroit, Pilot, Hat, Plum

and 20 other islands, small and large.

New in 2009 Price: $16.95

Native American

More Door County Stories...

and the Indians who discovered the Door Peninsula

by Paul Burton

217 pages. A diverse collection of stories about people, places, and events that contributed to the Peninsula’s history. About a third of the book is devoted to telling the story of the Native Americans who first discovered Door County. A reviewer said of the book:”In the final analysis, it is good writing that makes a successful book, and good writing is the most important hallmark of Burton Books.” Twenty three chapters written in a “style that flows easily and is without pretentions...very readable.”

2007 Price: $16.95

More DC Stories
DC Wildflowers

Door County’s Wildflowers

by Frances M. Burton and Aurelia M. Stampp

236 pages. This full-color, soft cover field guide is filled with over 250 high definition photographs. Warren Dewalt, former president of the Newport Wilderness Society, said: ”For beginners as well as wildflower buffs, I can’t think of a handier wildflower guide to tuck in your pocket when hiking.” There are more rare, threatened, and endangered plants in Door County than in any other region in Wisconsin. The book is filled with interesting tidbits and curiosities about wildflowers, including some of the medicinal uses for these plants. A Door County classic.

2005 Price: $19.95

DC Stroies

Door County Stories

by Paul and Frances Burton

233 pages. Second printing. Jean Peerenboom wrote in the Green Bay Press Gazette: “A well-researched, readable, addition to regional history.” A reader wrote: “Can you possibly know what a joy it was to (read) Door County Stories?” About a third of the book is devoted to the history of Belgian immigrants to Door County. The book is illustrated with 200 photographsc and includes chapters on wooden shoes, roadside chapels, the fate of our old barns, the great fire of 1871, and the miracles at the chapel in Robbinsville.

2003 Price: $16.95

That's Me Tyler

That’s Me - Tyler

by Frances M. Burton

Illustrated by Karmen Thompson

A hardback children’s book of 32 pages, lavishly illustrated with original artwork. The true story of the tiny but remarkable Papillon dog that was a loyal friend and constant companion to the late John Browning, an internationally-known concert pianist. A friend of the pianist said: “Burton caught Tyler’s adventurous...demeanor in a fashion that will delight children.”

2002 Price: $16.95


Ephraim Stories

by Paul and Frances Burton

316 pages. Published in 1999 and reprinted in 2003, this book features historically accurate vignettes from the “Good Old Days” in one of Wisconsin’s most beautiful resort villages. This book earned the writers a 1999 award from the State Historical Society. The book took three years of research and writing to bring the village’s colorful history to life. Established in 1853 in a wilderness, over the years the villaged evolved into one of Wisconsin’s prime resort destinations, in spite of its early isolation from the outside world.

1999 Price: $16.95


Ephraim’s Founding Father:

The Story of Reverend A.M. Iverson

by Paul and Frances Burton

237 pages, hard cover. This book received a “Book Award of Merit” from the Wisconsin State Historical Society. It’s the story of an immigrant minister who founded Ephraim as a Moravian colony in 1853. A reviewer in the Door County Advocate said: “It’s seldom that I can recommend a book as highly as I can Paul and Fran Burton’s Ephraim’s Founding Father...its a fascinating recounting of the life and times of a remarkable man.” (Hal Grutzmacher)

1996 Price: $21.95